True Shadow

Real-time UI soft-shadow for Unity

It's soft

Your UIs are suffering from back pain caused by hard shadow. Get them the pressure relieve they deserve! Look! (real people. not actors) 👆


Soft shadows is not enough for you? What about soft   E V E R Y T H I N G

Only 2 sprites was used in this gif.

Super fast

Faster means more shadows, bigger shadows, less frame drop.

And you can't beat the speed of the algorithm behind the battle-tested Translucent Image

See for your self!

many realtime UI shadows at the same time

And more!

icon Use with any Sprites

Generate True Shadow that can work with any Sprites, not just simple shapes

icon Full colored shadow

Shadows can take on the full texture of the caster, not just a single color

icon UI Glow

Glow is just shadow, but brighter. But don't tell shadow that.

icon Intuitive controls

Familiar controls get you up and running immediately.

icon Source code included

No frustrating black boxes. ∞ expandability. Integrate with any UI solution.


Try the stress test WebGL demo, or download a fun Android demo to check the performance on your target device.

Demo ▶


Download Android demo (APK)