Stuffs that I made.


Translucent Image

Superfast Blurred Background UI for Unity


This website

I have an addiction to shiny frameworks. This is my rehab. Here you'll find a beautifully hand crafted website, free from bloated javascript and pointless animation. Mostly.

Fog of War

A basic Fog of War implementation for Unity

Mechanical Adder

A 6-bits, mechanical, ripple carry adder, using design from Matthias Wandel

Older projects

Asset Store Metatdata Editor

Write formatted description for Unity Asset using markdown, with real-time preview.

Not updated for the new store re-design.

Sleep Time

A mobile-friendly web app that helps you choose the best time to go to sleep, base on REM cycle.

I wanted an excuse to made a PWA, somehow it got featured on lifehacker ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Don't tell anyone, but the thing doesn't actually work

I done a lot of experiment since to find a way to improve my constantly terrible sleep quality, and founded that the best thing to do is heavy physical activity.