Stuffs that I made.


Translucent Image

Superfast Blurred Background UI for Unity


Fog of War

A basic Fog of War implementation for Unity

Mechanical Adder

A 6-bits, mechanical, ripple carry adder, using design from Matthias Wandel

This website

I have an addiction to shiny frameworks. No more! Here you'll find a beautifully hand crafted website, free from bloated javascript and pointless animation. Most of the time.

Older projects

Asset Store Metadata Editor

Write formatted description for Unity Asset using markdown, with real-time preview.

Not updated for the new store re-design.

Sleep Time

A mobile-friendly web app that helps you choose the best time to go to sleep, base on REM cycle.

I wanted an excuse to made a PWA, somehow it got featured on lifehacker. If you're here from there, you should know the whole idea doesn't actually work