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Beautiful and fast blurred background UI for Unity

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Quality — Performance: Choose 2

Many fast blur solution trade quality for speed. You do not have to. Translucent Image give you deliciously smooth blurred UI while keeping excellent performance

Excellent Quality

Common fast blur algorithm have many problems. Some have ugly blocky artifact as blur radii increase; some doesn't let you turn the blur way down to 0; some only have a few preset blur amount. Usually it's some combination of these.

With Translucent Image, you can blur as much as you want. The result will always be buttery smooth, and the cost in performance will barely increase, if at all.

Generic UI Blur are low quality

Generic Fast Blur

Translucent Image UI Blur is high quality

Translucent Image


Blur effect is often a huge performance hog. If you are building for mobile or low-cost computers, just try any blur-behind shader you can find, and watch your FPS drop as you crank the blur amount up.

No one like sluggish UI. That's why Translucent Image's blur algorithm was crafted with the limitations of low-powered GPU in mind, enabling you to reach many more people.

faster than Standard Asset "Blur(Optimized)"1
Translucent Image
Standard Asset's "Blur(Optimized)"


Have you ever added blur to your UI just to find your text unreadable because the background behind is too dark or too bright? Translucent Image give you many way to combat that, from adding a layer of color on top, to fine-tuning the color of the background

With all the customization options, Translucent Image fit right in to your vision. From clean and minimal to dirty cyberpunk.

Make your background color more vibrant or muted. Even invert them if you want. Perfect for fullscreen effect.
Brighten or darken the background to match the feel and aesthetic of your project.
Intelligently adjust the color of the image, so that your content always legible on every background.

And more...

What people are saying

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hurleybird gravatar


Just what I've been looking for. Would have paid 10x the asking price!

I haven't even implemented this in my project yet, which uses a very inefficient (but great looking) blur technique which has become a major bottleneck, but just playing around in the demo scene I'm blown away.

Not only can you get the effect to look darn good, unlike a lot of other high-speed blur solutions, but it's still very fast! On top of that there are other properties you can adjust to get unique effects, and the setup is dead easy....

hurleybird gravatar


Fast, mobile-friendly and looks amazing!

This asset saved the day for me. I was looking for UI background blur and every other asset I found was giving me like 5-10 FPS on my Android device. This one has great performance and looks as legit Apple blur. Also author answered my question really quickly. Definitely worth the price!

hurleybird gravatar



Just works and gives the expected results. I tried another solution before that wasn't working when publishing, this one works out of the box.

hurleybird gravatar


Very Good!

I replaced a blur shader I created with this one and I literally just had to drag and drop it onto that blur shader's camera and change the data types of all the blur variables in the scene. Literally took five minutes to get working perfectly. Mobile performance is exceptional.

hurleybird gravatar


Finally!!! Great Performance on Mobile!!!

"Fastest blur algorithm available on the Assetstore" - this is just true!!!

This blur scripts keep 60FPS on mobile! All the other background blur UI assets I bought in Assetstore, they do their works on PC. But they just crash performance on mobile, dropping FPS to 10~15, quality looks very differently for each devices.

1: Relative performance result can vary base on hardware configuration. Number here obtained from an Intel HD 630 GPU