Translucent Image

Beautiful and fast blur-behind UI for Unity

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Download Android demo (APK)


faster frame-time
than Standard Asset1
Translucent Image
Standard Asset's Blur(Optimized)
Form should always follows function. And there is no function better than one that run smoothly. That why Translucent Image was designed with the limitations of mobile GPU in mind, so you can bring your vision to many more people.

Look how you want it

Clean and modern? Dirty cyberpunk? Translucent Image fit right in to your design.
Make your background color more vibrant or muted. Even invert them if you want. Perfect for fullscreen effect.
Brighten or darken the background to match the feel and aesthetic of your project.
Intelligently adjust the color of the image, so that your content always legible on every background.


Adjustable Blur Strength
Work with all types of Sprites
Source code documented and included
Support for masking
Refresh rate limits
Tight Editor integration

What people are saying

Finally!!! Great Performance on Mobile!!!

"Fastest blur algorithm available on the Assetstore" - this is just true!!!

This blur scripts keep 60FPS on mobile! All the other background blur UI assets I bought in Assetstore, they do their works on PC. But they just crash performance on mobile, dropping FPS to 10~15, quality looks very differently for each devices.


Only Mobile Friendly "Working" Blur for UI on Asset Store

Translucent Image is undoubtedly the only plugin on asset store that lets create iOS or Fluent UI Blur finally possible in Unity3d for Mobile Platforms. Price may seem high but there is a reason its the only blur that works with UI and doesnt hurt your mobile app or game performance.

And even more on the Asset Store!
1: Result can vary base on hardware configuration